Julie Abel Life Coach
When you invest in your
life goals with clarity and action
the results will astound you.
Are you ready?

Methodology: Purpose Mining

We’ll do a deep dive (I call it a mining process) and uncover things in your life that you love and don’t love.

Then we separate out what you want

I will help you create 3 big, inspiring goals that we will work on together.

The Shining

We’ll get you to your goals.

One of the cool parts is this is so much more than strategy, goal setting and planning. If it were that easy, everyone would do it. We dig in, deal with the stuff that comes up (the challenges, the blocks, the stuff that holds us back) so that we can bust through and move forward.

Every coaching session is different, but you will leave with new ways of thinking and insights you didn’t have before. We will go deep, get creative and create powerful changes.

It’s fun, tough and life-changing. All wrapped up in a coaching session.

shining - Julie Abel Methodology

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