monika jansen

“I was at the point in my life where “just fine” wasn’t good enough anymore, but I didn’t realize it until I met Julie. While we were talking, she asked me a couple of questions and the proverbial light bulb went off. Her wisdom and guidance have made a profound difference in my life.

During our work together, this affirmation came up: “I create a new life with new rules that totally support me for my highest good.” And that pretty much sums up where I am right now – light years ahead of where I was just four months ago. Thank you Julie!”

-Monika Jansen
Jansen Communications

“Working with Julie Abel Coaching has been just what my business, my family and my self needed! While I recognize and am grateful for what I have been through to make me who I am today, I was ready to let go of heavy beliefs that were holding me down. The value in having Julie create space, understanding and the ability to release so much history has truly brightened and widened my future. I am leading a vibrantly abundant life and am forever grateful for the continuing work I do with Julie Abel!”

– Talmar Anderson
Founder at Talmar It Up and CEO at The Influence Circle

talmar anderson

“Thank you for your wise counsel, encouragement, and contributions to me landing an awesome gig that is an expression of my values and leverages my strengths. You made a huge difference in my career pivot. Before I started working with you, I had unknowingly caged myself into a narrow vision for my career and compensation goals. My coaching conversations with you helped me to get clearer on what I value most, look squarely at the obstacles, and take wise action. I love my new work.

As an unexpected blessing, you also have also made a powerful contribution to my parenting in helping me take on a more balanced view of the natural challenges that fathers and their children work through together.”

-Mathew Emery
Cloud Sales Executive & Social Entrepreneur

Working with Julie has been life changing

“When I came to her, I was a burned out, stressed executive knowing that I wanted something different but not knowing how to make it happen. She has an amazing ability to understand and hear what is going on with me. I threw a lot of difficult situations at Julie, she stuck with it, challenged me, and we ended up with a great result.

Her coaching is clear, focused, and most importantly, action and results driven. I made a monumental career pivot that allowed me to spend more time with my family, achieve a huge fitness goal, and design and execute the next phase in my career. Her coaching has allowed me to view my life and career in a different perspective and create great discipline around my goals. Julie’s coaching works. Period. ”

– Fortune 100 Company Executive

“Before I started working with Julie, my biggest challenges were feeling overwhelmed by a stressful job, living apart from my boyfriend, and feeling unbalanced in my life.

Over the course of working with Julie,  I got engaged, moved to Maine with my finance, and started a new job!  The Julie ripple effect is in full force – setting goals and taking actions in one area of my life impacted all of the other areas.  While the coaching process takes work and a time commitment, the extra support was really helpful for me during a stressful time in my life.

When working with Julie, I felt safe to share in our conversations and I also appreciate that she is honest and says it like it is!  Because of our work with goal setting and making milestones, I am so more aware of my progress and how far I’ve come in my broader life.  Julie helps you clarify what you really want and then helps you get there.”

-Lisa Manning
IBM – Consulting by Degrees Transformation Leader

You can only change yourself,
so start with you.