Julie Abel Coaching
Together, we can affect
powerful change

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Who I work with

Let’s turn your life from “just fine” into totally amazing. Let’s uncover who you are, what you really want, and how to attain it. Let’s tap into your confidence and free you from whatever is holding you back.

Let’s work together – because we are in this together.


You are successful, experienced, and good at what you do.  You are driven to make a pivot to being good at what you want to be doing.  You have a compelling reason and life goals that are important.  You are ready to step up and make a contribution to your life and the world.

Show up.  Bring your big goals, your little goals, and your I don’t know what my goals are goals.  We get those goals and dreams into big thinking and even bigger action.  I promise to challenge you and ask you questions no one has ever asked you before.

You show up and tell the plain truth about what you want and why this is important.  How does this impact you, your family, your community and your world?  Let’s go there.

I’m Ready for Powerful Coaching

Work with me, and your life will transform.

Often all at once – and always over days, weeks or months. You will work hard. Coaching takes time and energy. Make this investment in your life.

How We Work Together

We work together 1-on-1 for six months to one year. This powerful time together creates the lasting change you want. Your personalized coaching package is specific to you. Coaching is done face-to-face in Washington, DC or long-distance via Skype.

Your Investment in Yourself

You invest your time and your energy in yourself. Powerfully.