You can make the change, i can help

Building a new life can lead to major overwhelm and confusion.

I get it – and I have the answer.


Any of this sound familiar?

Julie Abel Life CoachYour job is “just fine” but you don’t love it or all the stuff you are doing right now.

Julie Abel Life CoachYou are crushed with meetings and not really getting to do what you want to do.

Julie Abel Life CoachYou want something else or something different but don’t know what you want or how to get there.

Julie Abel Life CoachYou are not that unhappy, but feel like it isn’t the end point or what you really want to be doing.

Julie Abel Life CoachYou sound like a broken record when it comes to your career or your life. How can you move forward?

Julie Abel Life CoachYou’re feeling stalled and it’s frustrating trying to work it out on your own.

Sanity (and success) are within your reach.

Expert support is available when you are ready to take things to the next level.

Julie Abel Life CoachMake time to think … really think.

Julie Abel Life CoachFigure out what’s important to you right now.

Julie Abel Life CoachGet crazy-clear on what you want.

Julie Abel Life CoachCreate amazing goals that will allow you to take action towards your dreams.

Julie Abel Life CoachGet out of the “just fine” cage and expand the idea of what you can do next in your job and career.

Julie Abel Life CoachActually take steps towards achieving your goals. Make forward movement that changes your life.

Julie Abel Life CoachMake HUGE changes in your career and life.

Julie Abel Life CoachMake lots of small change in your career and life.

Julie Abel Life CoachConsider it done.

I’ll help you get out of overwhelmed
+ into ACTION